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Oct. 23.

Top 5 Australian Dating Sites Reviews

God knows how many people dream about living in Australia! It is famous for almost everything, the people, the scene, as well as their unique culture. I’m pretty sure you are hooked by the funny koala there, and the Mr. kangaroo Boxer right? Melbourne is also being one of the most comfortable place to stay in the whole world. Maybe a little out of topic, actually, i had been to Australia Sydney in 2002, when i got a chance to go there for some businesses. To be honest, i love the Australian women, they are beautiful and intelligence, also humorous enough to make me laugh the whole day.

With nearly 20 millions of population, Australia seems to be busy in every field, of course include social dating demand. Today, many people searching around on Internet want to find their Austrian “someone”, whether going to find a friend, or serious love romance, this is going happen in every minute in normal daily life, what we are going to talk is five good dating sites specifically for Australian or whom wanna find a Australian lover.

Top 5 Australian Dating Sites Reviews

1. review

Come on, i know you missed cupid sites, if you do not even know this, i guess this is your first time to come to our blog right? So a quick state, is an exclusively Australian dating service helping men and women across Australia find a partner to date or to marry. Unlike some other sites, offers friendly, personalized service combined with the latest technology. Members of the site receive access to thousands of personals, and can use our advanced communication features to interact with Aussie singles on the site. In short, you will never regret to use any Cupid Media sites, trusted!

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

2. review

Free time, i know you are waiting for this. is a 100% completely free Australian dating sites, started in 2005, the site promised that it will be completely free and open to all users until they have reached a milestone of 20,000 signed members, so transparent is this site. At here, you can easily narrow down your target by their local search such as find singles in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, etc whichever city you like. As a free to use site, we think Tease deserved the best credit, even better than cupid.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

3. review

Another 100% free site for Australian people, slinky is a social utility for singles. People use Slinky to meet friends, upload photos and form relationships. Anyone in Australia can join Slinky as long as they are over 18, the only downside of this site is you must be in Australia to join this, or your account maybe deleted without any warning, OK, this make the site more specific and unique, maybe a not bad idea. All in all, a very good choice for you to date or flirt.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

4. 5. and review review

We do not want to talk much about these two sites, so we put them together, both the sites are too new, though they are also free to use, but with not many user there, you have no reason to choose them, maybe you will ask why include them in a top list, it just because, there WERE not many Australian-specifically sites. So, you can still try these sites, it’s all up to you, or jump directly to use the top three sites as we reviewed above.

3 Stars (3 / 10)

Last time, we discussed the best German dating site for singles in America, or you can check our older article about the 100 percent free dating site list, tease and slinky are also happened in the list too, you might as well like it. For more sites review, just stay tuned or leave your comments below, which site you want us to review the next time? And why?

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